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Allene Hatherell is a highly experienced Accredited BABCP Integrative Cognitive Behavioural Psychotherapist (CBT) & EMDR Practioner.

Allene has a wealth of experience as an Integrative CBT Therapist, someone trained to deliver more than 1 model of psychotherapy. Both online and in person. Her experience as a general nurse and midwife gives great depth to her practice. She has worked extensively in areas of individual, couples, children and family therapies, addressing often extremely sensitive issues such as addictions, depression, anxiety, rape and sexual abuse, and in living with personality disorders. Allene's friendly and appropriately humourous manner leads to a strong therapeutic bond and contributes in creating a safe, often fun and encouraging environment for change for her clients. Allene regonises that 'one size' does not necessarily 'fit all'. All clients are individuals and the therapy applied in her sessions can be tailor- made to suit the clients' unique needs.


Appointment Only.


Masters Counselling Studies, Bachelors in Applied Womens Studies & Counselling, Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Therapy & Groupwork, EMDR practioner, Cognitive Behavioural Analysis Psychotherapy Systems therapist (Research proven treatment for chronic depression) Lecturer on HNC & HND CBT college courses, SandPlay Therapist, COSCA supervisor. Registered General Nurse & Registered Midwife (Retired).


Therapeutic Experience:

School counselling, relationship counselling, addictions, self harm, rape and childhood sexual abuse, low self esteem, anger, depression, social anxiety and general anxiety disorder, aspergers, Bi-polar disorder, personality disorders, PTSD, complex PTSD & OCD, bereavement, domestic abuse, re-location and challenges of moving both within UK & Internationally.






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