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Allene Hatherell is a highly experienced Accred. CBT, ADHD & EMDR Psychotherapist. 

With over 25 years working as a therapist in both in the UK and internationally, and my knowledge as a general nurse and midwife (retired) I bring a wealth of experience, flexibility and knowledge to work with my clients. I trained as an Integrative Counsellor and then qualified as a Cognitive Behavioral Therapist (CBT). Currently I am completing my work in Psychoanalytical Jungian Sandplay. (which takes about 8 years!) I am also an EMDR practitioner and work integrativly with my clients, using the therapeutic tools and strategies that work best for their needs.

I work with a wide range of mental health disorders but have a particular interest, expertise and knowledge in those who experience difficulties due to their neuro-divergency.  I believe my experience as a retired  general nurse and midwife gives depth to my practice. I have  worked extensively in areas of trauma and in addressing extremely sensitive issues such as addictions, depression, anxiety, PTSD, rape and sexual abuse, and in living with personality disorders. I am a friendly and appropriately humorous therapist, which leads to strong productive therapeutic bonds with my clients. This also contributes in creating a safe, trusting and often fun and encouraging environment for change and optimism.  I recognise  that 'one size' does not necessarily 'fit all'. All clients are unique individuals and the therapy applied in my sessions is tailor- made to suit what brings clients to these sessions in the first place, and the aim is we work collaboratively and safely together. 


Appointment Only.


Masters Counselling Studies - Bachelors in Applied Women's Studies & Counselling - Diploma in CBT & Groupwork - Neuro-divergency Specialism  (ADHD & Autism) - EMDR - Cognitive Behavioural Analysis Psychotherapy Systems  (CBASP  treatment for chronic depression) - Jungian SandPlay Therapist - COSCA Supervisor. Oncology CBT Specialism (Registered General Nurse & Registered Midwife Retired).


Therapeutic Work Experience:

ADHD & Autism - Addictions - Personality Disorders - Self Harm - Rape & Childhood Sexual Abuse - PTSD & CPTSD - Insomnia - Low Self Esteem - Panic Disorder - Anxiety - Anger - Depression - OCD - Social Anxiety - GAD -  Bereavement - Domestic Abuse - CBT Oncology - Perfectionism -  Re-location & the challenges of moving both within UK & Internationally.






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