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I offer therapy for the common associated conditions of ADHD - anxiety and depression. (80% of those with ADHD are diagnosed with an additional disorder)
I include PTSD here as many people who grow up with ADHD experience trauma (with a big and a small T) EMDR, as well as CBT, have been shown to be useful in helping those who have ADHD and / or Autism, to live happier and more productive lives in a neurotypical world.
Whether you have a formal diagnosis or not, think you may have ADHD / Autism and are concerned about the repercussions of a diagnosis, costs, waiting lists or if you wonder if medication could help - we can explore all this and more together.

Along with treating the co-morbid (associated disorders) that may be present, we can also look at issues specific to ADHD and Autism:
Procrastination / task avoidance / task paralysis.
Insomnia & sleep disturbance.
Low self esteem & self worth.
Food issues.
Addictive Behavior's that may include: Drug & alcohol dependency, shopping, sex, porn, gambling & gaming.
Relationship issues. 
Social Anxiety.

I can provide the therapy that will alleviate what can often be life long challenges and together we will work out the practical strategies to help you to develop your strengths and achieve your goals.

In working with my ADHD clients, I bring a depth of understanding and knowledge that comes not just from my professional background, but also from having ADHD myself and having 2 children with ADHD. Both of them have developed into healthy, productive and fulfilled adults and this is in no small part due to the support and compassion we received as a family after diagnosis. 

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